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The Montezuma Fire District serves approximately 9.6 square miles of the unincorporated areas of Southeast Stockton, and the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Having a mix of industrial, residential, commercial, a section of Highway 99, together with the Stockton Metro Airport and the surrounding business park,

Airport Fire and Rescue

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport serves corporate and general aviation aircraft. It can accommodate large jet transports via an 10,680-foot primary instrument runway and a 4,458-foot general aviation runway. Approximately 250 private aircraft are based at the Stockton Airport. Allegiant Air offers flights to Las Vegas almost everyday of the week.
Sep 13 2015

Burning Garbage Is Illegal!

Burning Garbage Trashes the Air

Did you know that burning trash and yard waste in a fireplace or stove, outdoors on the ground, or in a burn barrel or an incinerator is unhealthy and illegal?


Trash often contains plastics, metals, and synthetic materials that create dangerous chemicals when burned. Chemicals found in smoke can include lead and other compounds known to cause respiratory problems, stress immune systems and even cause cancer. The leftover ash also can contain toxic pollutants that can spread into soil and water. As a result, Air District Rules 4103 (open burning) and 4106 (prescribed burning and hazard reduction burning) prohibit burning yard waste and garbage. Minimal dispersion, low combustion temperatures, low oxygen all contribute to increased pollutant emissions from burn barrels. In fact, a USEPA study suggests that up to forty households using burn barrels (depending on the material and amount being burned) can emit levels of dioxin and furn comparable to a 200 ton-per-day municipal waste incinerator.

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Safe Surrender Site

In San Joaquin County, Fire Deparments and Hospital emergency rooms have been designated as sites where a parent my voluntarily surrender physical custody of his or her infant .(72 hours old or less) Although infrequent, any time we can save a baby from being abandoned, we may have saved a life.

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